Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend I had to write a paper about morals..
We had to come up with 3 morals that we live our life by. So I went to google to look at pictures to give me inspiration.

The main one I wrote about was kindness. When I think of kindness I think of the Golden Rule.
"Treat others the way you want to be treated."
I help teach elementary Sunday School at my church and we say this every week. It becomes kind of routine saying it every Sunday, but I think it's so important. I think everyone should strive to be kind to one another. Sometimes it can be hard to be kind to a person, but whether you like them or not, you never know what they are going through and the least you can do is be kind. Just something as small as saying hey or complimenting someone could make their day!
Most importantly, strive to be someone you would be proud to be.
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  1. If there was a like button, like on Facebook I would like this!

  2. LOVE this! So definately needed to be reminded this as i was doing the right thing and was struggling alot lately with life in general! thanks for the help girlie!

  3. I totally agree! Kindness is key. :)