Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sooo, This is me.

I've been thinking of starting a blog and when my lit teacher said we had to start one for class, I figured why not start my own? I want to use this blog to document my life's happenings and hopefully meet some great people along the way!

So here's a little bit about me!
 I'm a cheerleader at my high school. I've loved high school, it's just going by too fast! Before I know it I'll be graduating.. crazy to think about! 

me & heather at our first game

I love spending time with my family, especially at the lake. My absolute favorite place to be is the lake! So that's where I spend most of my weekends in the summer!

I have THE cutest puppy in the world, Millie! We took this picture Christmas. Isn't she precious?

Some pictures of my family..
Me, Mama, my grandma, and sister Leslie

Daddy and Me

Now it's time to relax by the fire and anxiously await the snow! Fingers crossed for no school tomorrow!

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  1. Welcome to bloggy world girlie! You'll love it, there some sweet gals out there ! I've met some one being your sister! Your family is so cute and your puppy is a-dorable oh my word! cherish every moment in high school it will fly by but enjoy it :) hope your school got canceled and you'll be getting snow soon! stay warm :)

  2. i wish our cheerleading outfits were that cute! =P lol yayyyy mallory is blogging now!! =D and you're blog is super cute!! and.... you rock! thats all!! im your newest follower!

  3. Welcome to blogging! You will love it! I'm a new follower :)

  4. Good luck with your blog! Before you know it you'll be addicted!!